Aquaworx Remediator

wp353b352d_05The Aquaworx Remediator improves the performance of a biologically clogged failing septic system by enhancing the natural treatment process. The unit works by introducing oxygen and bacteria which work together to reverse the clogging process. Under normal operation, a septic system will build up a biological slime (biomat) inhibiting the soils natural ability to absorb water. A healthy population of oxygen rich bacteria consumes the slime that has built up over time.

The Aquaworx Remediator creates an ideal environment for this process to take place. Oxygen is added to the system by a small air pump. The unit serves as a medium through which wastewater can circulate and come in contact with the oxygen rich bacteria. Along with the addition of oxygen the Aquaworx Remediator has a bacterial catalyst inserted into the center of the unit to kick off the remediation process. The bacterial catalyst is a proprietary blend of facultative aerobic bacteria that accelerate the consumption of clogging matter. The oxygen rich wastewater first works to consume the waste materials built up in the tank and then moves out to the drainfield where it continues to consume the wastes there. It is expected that under normal conditions a homeowner will begin to see improvement in their septic system within the first couple of weeks.

In addition, Remediator has the following benefits: Eliminates the need for a complete drainfield replacement and the resulting landscape damage caused by heavy equipment, performance problems associated with a failing septic system such as odors and wet areas in the yard are eliminated in as little as two weeks, environmental solution that strengthens the natural process of wastewater treatment and groundwater recharge, easy installation with no heavy equipment allows for minimal disruption to yard landscaping, and permanent solution that requires minimal cost to operate and maintain.

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