Advanced Treatment Units

Keep your system in top working condition to avoid backups. Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs), Media Filters, and commercial systems all require operating permits from the Department of Health to be used in Florida. To obtain one, a maintenance entity agreement with a company such as Green’s is required.

We offer a full range of permitting and maintenance services to assure you stay in compliance with requirements. Even an ordinary septic system needs to be serviced every three to five years to prevent problems. In addition, advanced treatment units from Green’s offer the following benefits: One-stop permitting, we can obtain both your construction and operating permits for you, our master contractor oversees the maintenance and servicing of these high-tech systems.

Don’t risk the failure of your high tech system in the hands of an ordinary contractor, we also provide in-house pumpout service when needed, we are available 24 hours a day should you have problems with your system, and regular maintenance puts off the need for repairs costing thousands.

“Please allow me to compliment you for the personalized service I received from Green’s Environmental. I appreciated the clear explanation of what would be done; how it would be done and the careful manner in which it was done. Your men did an efficient job and were certainly courteous and friendly. Please compliment them for me.

I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Green’s Environmental Services.”

Elaine K.