Grease Trap Pumping & Installation

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Our knowledgeable staff and state of the art modern pumper trucks are ready to serve you.

Your restaurant, school, daycare, nursing home and hospital waste is different than ordinary sewage. It contains higher levels of fats, oils and grease when you operate kitchen facilities.

To prevent clogging of your sewer line and to protect the operation of septic systems or sewers, grease traps are installed to remove it.

At Greens we offer grease trap installation and maintenance programs to assure that you operate without the fear of sewage problems.

We install residential and commercial grease traps of any size. Grease traps are in concrete material and meet all standards like H 20 grade material when needed. Traffic lid and cast iron manhole can also be part of the installation if necessary.

Grease traps need servicing depending on their size, number and what the local sewer service regulations. They are pumped, hosed down and pressure washed if necessary. Commonly this is once every three months. We can also provide sewer line jetting service to remove grease from drain line between building and grease trap, and after the grease trap.

All of our pumping services are supported by the required hauler manifest to assure you are in compliance with state and local regulations.

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Key Benefits

Grease Trap Pumping and Installation by Green’s Environmental Services offers the following benefits:

  • Modern state of the art service equipment and trucks.
  • Knowledgeable staff to keep you in compliance with state and local regulations.
  • We offer one-stop shopping.
  • We install and service grease traps.

“Thank you so much for a job well done. After your perfect work, the environmental department inspected the site and waived all fines and penalties. Thanks Lord, we met you, and we wish we have met you before. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone else we should find to be in need of them.”

Tara C.