Infiltrator Systems Drainfields – Infiltrator Quick 4 Chambers

Infiltrator Quick 4 Chambers

These chambers are an alternative to the traditional gravel drainfields that we also install and offer the following added benefits: No clogging of the soil from the dusty materials found in gravel trench systems, can support up to 16,000 pounds of accidental loads (never drive on your drainfield if you can avoid it), fits in a smaller space than traditional gravel drainfields making it possible to minimize the excavation in your yard. Made from greater than 90 percent recycled materials.

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How Septic Systems Work

diagram of a house septic system

The following picture shows how a typical septic systems works. Wastewater leaves the house through the plumbing and enters the septic tank. The septic tank settles the solid materials to the bottom and the oils and greases float to the top. The partly treated wastewater in the middle of the tank exits the tank through piping and enters the drainfield. As the wastewater spreads through the drainfield, it is absorbed into the soil where microbes and chemical reactions treat the wastewater. Studies have shown that at least 84 percent of the wastewater winds up back in our groundwater after treatment.

“Please be advised I am very happy with the service that your company provided on my storm drain system on my commercial property. I would rate you as an A+.”

Joe P., Retired Colonel US Army